Brief CV

Dr. Ioanna Frangou was born, raised and studied in Thessaloniki.
She graduated from Aristotle Medical School in November 1985 and received the title of Specialist of Plastic Surgeon in June 1995, after completing her education, 2 years in General Surgery at Theagenio Anti-Cancer Institute and 4 years specialization in Plastic Surgery, Department of Plastic Surgery-Hand Surgery and Burn Center in Papanikolaou Hospital of Thessaloniki. In the meantime, she completed the Village Medical Service – Kampani Village and Hospital in Kilkis – as required by law to obtain a specialty degree in Greece …

After 5 years of execution and analysis of a prototype experimental study on Wister mice in the optic and electronic microscope (where she had successfully proved that: significantly decreased capsule formation around silicone implants in the breast, just with one single application of Mitomycin-C) gained the title of «doctor of Philosophy» -Ph.D.- from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with the excellent degree from all members of the scientific committee on December of 1999.

For over 25 years she has worked in public –4y in Kilkis General hospital, 14 y in Hippocration General Hospital of Thessaloniki, (the last 10y as chief consultant) where from she has resin on September 2014-and in privet sector. For the following 4 years she was working in the in the biggest Privet Hospital Group (Dr. Suleiman al Habib-HMG) of Riyadh in KSA until September 2018, and since then in private sector in Athens and Thessaloniki back in Greece.

During all these 25 years, working as a plastic surgeon, continued education in her specialty on three fellowships: In North Caroline – USA in1997 and in Rome -Italy in 2004 (on aesthetic plastic surgery) and Milan-Italy in 2005 (on aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery) -INSITUTO PER LO STUDIO AND CURA DEI TUMORI DI MILANO.


At the same time she followed 80 hours seminars by the European Anti-Ageing Committee from 2002-2007 (and member since then) in Paris-France.

For over 35 years she participated in the most important Plastic Surgery Congresses in Greece and abroad (more than 150) half of them with a paper or in round tables presentations, and she has also publications in Plastic Surgery Magazines.

As member of multiple Plastic Surgery Committees Greek and International she continues lifetime education and scientific updating.

Finally participate in organizing a prospective double blind clinical study in collaboration with the biggest Anti Cancer Hospital of Italy INSITUTO PER LO STUDIO E CURA DEI TUMORI Di MILANO.

This study- based on her Ph.D. study –was planed to prove prevention of capsule around breast silicone implants in women that undergo breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer. It started in 2005 to last 15 years for long-term results.

During her work in public hospitals, besides her clinical work, had educational practice for nurses and lessons of plastic surgery in university students of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and also H.O.  of different specialties, that choose 6 months education in plastic surgery issues, from 2005-2014 as chief consultant in Plastic Surgery at Hippocration General Hospital of Thessaloniki.


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